University restaurants

All resto manages 7 restaurants.




The university restaurants are available in three different location in the campus, the offer is varied and accessible all day long, from Monday to Friday.



The Food Corner, street food, 47 boulevard Vauban
The Tradi, traditional food, 125 rue Meurein 
The Globe-Trotter (until 2 pm), world cuisine, 125 rue Meurein
The Green, healthy food and a large vegetarian offer, 127 rue Meurein
The sandwicheries, basement 125 rue Meurein et Academic Hôtel


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The Green is open non-stop from 7:15 am to 9:30 pm (7:30 pm on Fridays) to work, relax, drink a coffee...



How does it work?

 The student formula including a main course and two peripherals costs €3.30 (€1 for french scholarship holders, subject to government renewal). It is possible to add peripherals to this formula with a paid supplement. Also, products whose raw materials are more expensive can be sold with a small surcharge. They are identified by a "red price".

Passengers are allowed to have lunch in university restaurants at the passenger rate of €6.60 per formula.


The All services card serves as a mean of payment at the university restaurant, it can be recharged :

- By bank card online here or at the terminals located in the basement of 125 rue Meurein,

- By check or cash at the service card office next to the terminals.


In some schools and faculties, the student card can be used as a means of payment, it works in the same way as an All services card.

To know if your student card can be used in our restaurants, click here.



Order your lunch by click & collect during the day, until 10 am by clicking here.

Choose your collection point on the reservation tool (make sure you can access it, the lockers are only available with an appropriate student card).



In addition, a table service restaurant offers seasonal cuisine, which respects the product and welcomes you in a friendly setting.

125 rue Meurein, 2nd floor





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