University restaurant

University restaurants renewal on campus with new recipes!

1. Le Globe-trotter: offers flavors from all over the world with 4 to 5 different dishes every day, there is something for everyone.

2. Le Tradi: Blanquette of veal, lasagna, potato gratins, home-cooked meals are proposed.

3. Le Green: the healthy cuisine restaurant which offers fried vegetables, fish, seeds, soups, salads...

4. Le Food Corner: fries, burgers, pizzas, fish & chips, potatoes with spices... it's the fast food of the All resto.

5. La sandwicherie: Sandwiches, wraps, bagels, salads... Every lunchtime, find 10 fast food recipes in the basement of 125 rue Meurein.

6. La sandwicherie du 60 offers the same recipes as the sandwich shop, in the heart of the Academic Hotel.


The All resto has 7 restaurants.

Four canteens

In the basement of 125 rue Meurein


47 boulevard Vauban, 1st floor


Two sandwich bars

In the basement of 125 rue Meurein and at the Academic Hotel, 60 boulevard Vauban


A restaurants, table service

125 rue Meurein, 2nd floor

Please present a Health Pass at the entrance.