Confinement November

Following the new government measures related to the COVID-19 epidemic, please find below the information relating to the maintenance or interruption of our different services:

- The administrative services will be teleworking during the confinement.

- A permanence is organized in our offices from 9am to 12am and from 2pm to 5pm for requests that cannot be processed by email, and deliveries.

- The sports centres are closed until further notice.

- The Food Corner (University Restaurant located at 47 boulevard Vauban) opens for take-away only, at the usual prices. A click & collect system will be quickly put in place.

- The CPSU remains open during its usual opening hours.

- The technical and maintenance services in residences are maintained and respect strict health and safety instructions.


Please find below our contact details, please use emails and call only in case of emergency:

- Sport service:

- Restaurant service: / (uniquement de 9h à 12h)

- Housing service: / (uniquement de 9h à 12h)

- Technical service: / (de 8h à 15h30)

- CPSU : / (pendant les horaires d'ouverture)

- HR service: / (uniquement de 9h à 12h) 

- Accounting service:

- Catering service: / 03 20 15 98 49 / 07 85 99 86 85 (uniquement de 9h à 12h)


If necessary, you can always reach us by email via the contact forms on our website.


We remain at your disposal!


Updated on November 16, 2020