How to book a room ?Process to book a room in our residences

Our residences are only for (future) students of the Catholic University of Lille and affiliated schools.

Beginning of reservations

From April 15th for the 1st semester
From October 15th for the 2nd semester

Start of contracts

All our contracts are established for 1 year only.
- from the 1st semester: August 1 to July 31 of the following year
- from the 2nd semester: January 1 to December 31 of each year

End of contracts

It is possible to terminate the contract at any time during the year by sending us and respecting a notice period of 1 month.

Our residences

They are mainly located near the Catholic University of Lille (Quartier Vauban). Some of them are further away but close to public transport (bus or metro).

The residences are mixed (students from all backgrounds rub shoulders).
There is no residence reserved solely for medical students.

They are accessible by residents 7 days a week and 24 hours a day (even during weekends and school holidays)

Access to each residence is secure (name card at the entrance or badge).

Guardians live in the Denis Reille, Saint Omer, Charles Havez and Foyer Saint Camille residences.

Our prices

The rates displayed are unique for ALL residents (scholarship holders and non-scholarship holders).

CAF : All our residences are eligible for ALS housing aid (APL for Saint Luc and Saint Omer).

Our room types

  • Single rooms (kitchen and bathroom in community)
  • Rooms with shower (kitchen and wc in community)
  • Rooms with toilets (shower and kitchen in community)
  • Rooms with bathroom (community kitchen)
  • Studios (contains a kitchenette and bathroom/shower)

How to book (Online Only)

Only the residences available on our website can be reserved.

To add a residence or a type of accommodation, click on "add to my list" below the fees, and repeat the operation until you obtain 3 to 5 different types of accommodation (including at least 2 different residences). You can then validate the list on the green banner at the bottom of the page. You will then have to rank your choices in order of preference, and validate again.

The student's contact details must be added (surname, first name, address, future school in Lille and specialty, and email address consulted regularly*).

* This email address will be used when sending the contract and all administrative procedures. All documents will be transmitted electronically (via an All resident web space created after allocation of accommodation and residence).

Administrative costs : To validate the reservation, it is necessary to pay the administrative costs of 252 euros, two payment methods are possible:

  • Payment by credit card: a bank imprint will be requested. Your credit card will be debited a few days after receiving confirmation of agreement for accommodation (and not directly after booking).
  • Payment by bank transfer: the file will be processed only after receipt of proof of bank transfer by e-mail

In case of cancellation

You have the possibility to cancel your reservation at any time and until July 15 for the 1st semester or until December 15 for the 2nd semester, only by sending an e-mail to

Application fees :

  • If the cancellation is requested before obtaining accommodation: the administrative costs will not be debited
  • If the cancellation is requested after obtaining accommodation: the administrative costs will then be fully refunded to you within 8 weeks
  • If the cancellation is requested outside the deadlines: the administrative costs will not be refunded.

Response time

The 1st answers for the 1st semester will be sent at the beginning of June.
The 1st answers for the 2nd semester will be sent mid-November.
This is done gradually, you will be contacted by email at the address used when booking.

Housing equipment

All our rooms are furnished (Bed, desk, chair, fridge, sink, mirror, wardrobe). You can bring whatever you want to furnish the accommodation, however we inform you that we do not store the furniture that we make available in the accommodation. It is authorized if you wish to remove certain furniture from the accommodation, however it is your responsibility to find the means of storage and movement.

The accommodation must be returned as you had it (no furniture should be missing and no furniture belonging to the tenant should be left).

What to bring :

  • Everything for bedding: bed linen, duvet, pillow, pillowcase, sheets (90 x 200cm). There is matress on the bed.
  • Everything related to personal hygiene: towels, shampoo, soap, etc.
  • Everything for the kitchen: crockery, utensils, ..
  • Everything for cleaning: small broom, peeler/brush, cleaning products, sponge,
    washing-up liquid, etc.

The studios (accommodation with kitchenette and bathroom) are equipped with crockery, a microwave, a pillow and a blanket (it is necessary to bring a duvet and sheets).

For accommodation without kitchenette, you can if you wish bring a microwave, kettle, coffee maker, freezer, etc ... with the exception of hotplates (it is forbidden to cook in accommodation without kitchenette).

Rental file

All residents must have a french guarantor or a visa guarantee.

Documents that All Logement will send you: 

  • Rental agreement
  • Rules of procedure
  • Deed of guarantee
  • Consent to care

Documents that the tenant must send:

  • Home insurance for accommodation in residence (with name and surname of the student and address of the assigned All residence)
  • Certificate of education or registration
  • Photocopy of ID
  • Proof of payment for the 1st month of occupancy (rent, charges, services) + payment
    of annual fees (security deposit, PAF).

Documents that the guarantor must send: (except in the case of a visa guarantee)

  • Photocopy of ID
  • Proof of address
  • 3 last payslips of the guarantor or a proof of monthly or annual income
  • Last tax notice


Whenever you want from August 1st for the 1st semester, and from January 1st for the 2nd semester. A link to make an appointment will be sent to you when the rental file is compiled.

The keys are delivered directly to the housing service office (Monday to Friday), and not in residence.
Please note: keys cannot be returned during weekends and public holidays.

Residence life

All residents must respect our house rules.
In the event of a serious breach of this regulation, the resident may be required to leave his residence.

Qui recense toutes les informations utiles de l’arrivée jusqu’au départ (les coordonnés de chaque service All, la gestion des colis, procédure internet, démarches administratives, sécurité en résidence, assistance technique, entretien des logements, …)

Contract renewal

It is possible to renew the contract from one year to another.
We will send a form during the year to find out whether you wish to renew your contract or not. Renewal is only possible after receiving our confirmation.
Renewal is automatically refused in the event of a breach of the internal regulations during the year, or in the event of an unpaid situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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