Opening hours


Monday to Thursday : 8:00 am - 7:00 pm

Friday : 9:00 am to 6:00 pm


Closed during the summer holidays

Located 47 bis rue du Port, the University Multi-Service Health Centre (CPSU) offers general medical consultations, gynaecology consultations, nurse appointments, dietitian consultations and psychological support.


To make an appointment with the gynecologist or a psychologist on Doctolib, please enter the available access code here

It is reserved for students of the Catholic University of Lille, your student card will be checked at the reception of the CPSU, otherwise the appointment may be cancelled.


In the event of a problem that does not require emergency intervention outside the opening hours of the CPSU, you can go to the Maison Médicale de Garde Lille Métropole located rue Desais in Lille, which is accessed by the emergency department of the Saint Vincent de Paul Hospital. It is open Monday to Friday from 8 pm to midnight + weekends and public holidays from 8 am to midnight. More info on their website.



It has two functions

Prevention (CUPS) with :

  • compulsory medical visits for first-year students
  • healthy lifestyle advice
  • prevention initiatives
  • dietitian's consultation

Treatment with :

  • general walk-in doctor's consultation
  • gynaecology and emotional support consultations by appointment
  • psychological support by appointment