The Services cardThis card replaces the university restaurant (UR) ticket and is required for making payments in all University Restaurant outlets and for the use of All services.

Do I have to buy the card?

If you are a student in one of the school and Faculty below, your student card will work as a means of payment at the university restaurants this year, you will have nothing to do to activate it.

Details of the establishments concerned: 

cartes services ecoles.png

To recharge your student card via your personal space Moneweb, click on "forgotten password", complete the two email and username fields by indicating your email (the one you gave when you registered at the University, not the one that will be generated by your establishment). Be careful, put your email in both fields, otherwise it won't work.

If you do not receive a link to reset your password, go to the service cards office during opening hours: 11 am to 2:15 pm Monday to Friday.

If you are a student in another establishment of the University, you must order it on the website and collect it directly from our offices, at the service card office in the basement of 125 rue Meurein in Lille, 3/4 days after making the request (working days).

How does the card work?

The All Services card  works as a payment method in university restaurants of All Resto, it can be recharged via the internet or at terminals installed in the basement of 125 rue Meurein. In addition to your meal, this card is essential if you want to take advantage of our gym because it serves as an access badge and is necessary to buy a subscription.

Via your personal space Moneweb, you can top up your All Services Card, check your balance and view all of your expenses. Your identifiers will be given to you with your card at the time of withdrawal. 

How to get yours?

The service card can be ordered on our website, section Service card > Buy. Come and collect it directly from our offices, at the service card office in the basement of 125 rue Meurein in Lille, 3/4 days after making the request (working days).

The office is open from 11 am to 2:15 pm, Monday to Friday, and is located next to the charging stations. It is closed during school holidays and reopens at the same time as the university restaurants. 

Question / Answer

Where can I top up my AEU Services card?

You can top up your All services card via the internet with my bank card on this website (Note: the top-up comes into effect around one hour after the transaction. This varies depending on your bank). Terminals are available in the University Restaurant basement, 125 rue Meurein. Here you can use your bank card to top up your All Services card.

The All Services card office is located in the basement of 125 rue Meurein. Here you can top up your All services card by cash, credit card and cheque.

Where do I find my login details for my online account?

To get your id, click on "forgotten password" and fill in the email address that you used to create your card or register at the University.

If you have not received them or if you have lost them, you can find them at the terminals located in the University Restaurant basement in 125 rue Meurein.

What will I find in my AEU Services card online account?

In your online account, you can :

- top up your AEU Services card

- view your balance

- view your transactions and top-up history

- change your password

- create an alert for when your balance falls below a certain level (of your choosing)

What do I do if I lose my AEU Services card?

In the event of loss/theft of your All services card, you must go to the service card office to reissue it, do not create a new card on the site. If you have lost or damaged it, you will be charged 2€. If it was stolen, we'll need a copy of your complaint to reprint it for free.

Why we have to renew the AEU Service Card ?

Your All Services Card is valid during 3 years and you have to renew this card if you still want to take advantage of different services of All (restauration, sport...).

Price 2€ and you keep the same All Service Card.

You can renew your card in your All Service Card Office with a student card.

How to get a refund of my card balance?

To get a refund of the balance on your card, send an email to with:

- A copy or photo of your service card,

- A bank details with your name,

- A copy or photo of your identity card.

Any incomplete request cannot be processed.

The repayment period is approximately 1 month.

Any questions ? Contact :