Who are weHistory and informations of All, student life services on the campus of Catholic University of Lille

Located in the heart of the campus of the Catholic University of Lille, the All accompanies students in their daily life through five units dedicated to student life: catering, housing, health, social and sport. 

Our goals ?

  • Help the student to structure and develop his lifelong project,
  • Support him in taking charge of his health,
  • Offer a varied and balanced diet,
  • Allow him to talk through sports,
  • Allow him to stay in complete safety.

Every day, the services provided by the All help bring life to the campus of the Catholic University of Lille, which has more than 33,000 students each year, and work to provide an easier-to-live campus that meets the needs of students.

Our story, since 1930


Creation of the Association d'Aide aux étudiants (Students Aid) of the Catholic Faculties of Lille at the Maison des Étudiants (located in 125 rue Meurein in Lille at this time), where the students of the University are indiscriminately welcome. Meals are served in a restaurant reserved for them. They enjoy a party room, a fencing hall, a library, a café and a chaplain is at their disposal every evening.

The AAE then provides various aids to students, and mainly to those who are less fortunate: loans of honor, meals, moral and material support...


Opening of the University Restaurant, approved by the CROUS in 1957.


Construction of the building at 47 boulevard Vauban. It then included a University Restaurant in the basement and ground floor, EDHEC on floors 1 and 2 and the Teilhard de Chardin University Residence on floors 3 to 7. 

The university restaurant was then enlarged in 1975, after the departure of EDHEC. 


The AAE is now names of Association d'Entraide Universitaire (University Support).

Its purpose is to provide support to students of the Catholic University of Lille by providing them with the material and moral assistance they need. It strives to provide students, outside of their academic activities, with an improvement in their living conditions.


The Association de Gestion des Oeuvres which manages 5 residences, merges with the AEU.

400 accommodations in the residences Saint-Michel, Saint-Luc, Albert Le Grand (until 2019), Foyer International, and Teilhard de Chardin.


Creation of CUPS (University Center for Health Prevention) and opening of the social service of the AEU. The CPSU (Polyvalent Center for University Health) was created 10 years later, at the same time as a relaxation and fitness room.

Since 1993

The AEU housing stock is growing, year after year with the opening of:

  • Saint Omer in 1993
  • Franciscaines de Lille and de la Madeleine in 1996
  • Notre Dame in 1997
  • Valentine Charrondière in 1999
  • Saint Augustin in 2003
  • Saint Camille in 2005
  • Maison de l’Etudiant in 2006
  • Saint Louis in 2008 (until 2018)
  • Louise de Bettignies in 2009
  • Lambersart in 2010 (until 2015)
  • Saint Nicolas in 2011
  • Saint Gérard in 2012
  • Anne Marie Javouhey in 2013
  • Charles Havez in 2013
  • Saint Luc in 2016
  • Notre Dame de la Paix in 2017
  • Marguerite Yourcenar in 2018

Since 2000

The AEU complement, arrange, renovate..

  • Opening of a sports complex (Saint-Martin) in Ennetières-en-Weppes in 2000
  • Development of the Salons du Meurein restaurant in 2001
  • Renovation of the facade of 47 boulevard Vauban in 2001
  • Renovation of the Henninot room in 2004
  • Development of the Fitness room on the ground floor of the Albert Legrand residence in 2007, then relocated in 2018 to 125 rue Meurein.


90 years after its creation, the AEU becomes: All, student life services.

Easier to pronounce by our international students, the All means both "everything" and "everyone" in English.

In French, the "hall" which it shares the pronunciation, also shares the primary meaning of the word: a place used for entry and access. Since the All is, indeed, an access to all the student life services.

Student life services

  • 1300 Rooms
  • 2500 Meals served every day
  • 7000 Consultations per year (CPSU)
  • 4240 Hours of sport per year
  • 550 People helped each year