Wellness pathImprove your overall lifestyle by participating in the All's wellness path

bien manger

Discover our "wellness path" in our canteens, fitness room and in the CPSU !

Eating is something that provides pleasure, fills hunger, responds to a desire, allows to share a friendly moment, meets nutritional needs...

Eating should not only respond to physiological motive, the notion of gustatory pleasure is essential.

The pleasure of eating generates a state of physical and mental well-being, which is associated with good health. A varied and balanced diet, combined with the practice of regular physical activity is a protective factor against cardiovascular disease, cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol...

Certainly these diseases do not depend solely on lifestyle, they are subject to genetics, the environment, inheritance, and many other factors that cannot be changed. If we can't act on them, we can improve our diet and lifestyle, to avoid them, or limit the consequences.

The All is helping to improve overall lifestyle by creating « MY WELLNESS PATH » !

Go to the CPSU, to meet the dietician, she will help you manage your daily diet and explain how to combine eating pleasure and good health.

Go to the fitness room, rue Meurein, you will find cardio and weight training machines, but also group lessons, and if you are out of inspiration, the coaches will find cool exercises for you!

Take your lunch at the university restaurant. To eat a balanced meal there, it's simple, the healthy menu for the week appears at the start of the self, and to compose your balanced platter, you just have to choose the foods with the logo « mon parcours santé » (wellness path in French).

Taking into account the dense pace of life, current eating habits, we suggest you protect your health, in a simple way, while maintaining the pleasure of the table!