Article 1

Access to the All sport rooms is reserved for members and holders of the All services card. Each All sport card and subscription is individual. The All sport therefore reserves the right to verify the identity of users at any time.

Article 2

All users must be equipped with clean sports shoes and proper sports attire suitable for sports activities.

Article 3

The member agrees to respect the rules of health and safety in our premises. The use of a towel on floor mats and weight machines/equipment is mandatory. It is also compulsory to store your equipment (weight, mat, ...) as well as to clean the cardio-training machines after use.

Article 4

The change of place of sports equipment can only be carried out by the head of the sports department or a member of his team.

Article 5

Showers and lockers are available to users. It is mandatory to respect them and return them to the state in which they were before their use. Any locker not released, whether or not fitted with a padlock, will be opened the evening before the premises close. Personal effects there will be given to the service manager.

Article 6

Access to animals is strictly prohibited in accordance with the regulations and hygiene in force except for guide or assistance dogs accompanying persons holding the "mobility inclusion" card.

Article 7

Users are asked to avoid nuisance noise in the rooms in order to respect and not disturb other users. It is imperative to have consideration and politeness towards the members of the management as well as towards the other users.

Article 8

Objects or belongings found must be handed over to the head of the sports department or to a member of his team. They will give them to their owner on request. If they are not claimed, they will be donated to a charity.

Article 9

The rooms will be closed the week between Christmas and New Year and from mid-July to the end of August (according to calendar weeks).

Article 10

Refund procedure: the subscription is only refundable in the event of health problem requiring sports exemption with medical proof. The refund procedure will take effect on the date of request.

Article 11

Any offender of one of the articles of the internal regulations can be refused access to the sports halls by the head of the All sports department.

Article 12

The All Sport reserves the right to use your email address in order to broadcast the events and activities related to your subscription.