The university residences managed by the Association d’Entraide Universitaire are reserved primarily to first-year students of the Université Catholique de Lille, beneficiaries of a higher education grant on social criteria.

Every student admitted to a university residence undertakes to respect these Rules of Procedure and recognises being informed of the sanctions in case of failure to respect these provisions.

These Rules of Procedure have the principal purpose of creating favourable conditions for everyone to flourish and to ensure the best working conditions within the AEU university residences.

It is nevertheless everyone’s responsibility to ensure they and their visitors do not disturb the tranquillity of the buildings.


  1.     Admission

Admission is offered by the housing allocation committee.

The AEU residences accommodate students of the Université Catholique de Lille, and students on a training course or on an exchange programme. On an exceptional basis, the residences can house teachers, PhD students or researchers of the UCL.

Evidence of the status of student must be provided to the accommodation manager upon arrival in the premises.

The initial rental agreement has a minimum duration of one year. It may be renewed when the occupant continues to fulfil the conditions specified herein.

Admission only becomes final after production:

-        Of a deed of joint and several guarantee for the duration of the whole university year

-        Of payment of a guarantee deposit equivalent to one month’s rent, and payment of the first month’s rent and charges

-        Of the signed agreement

-        Of an insurance certificate covering the rental risks.

The status of student will be verified, as will possession of a residence permit for international students.


  1.     Occupation of the Premises

The admission decision pronounced by the housing allocation committee comprises the right for its beneficiary to occupy the accommodation unit.

Its duration may not under any circumstances exceed the duration of the university year for which the admission is pronounced. The AEU Director or his representative retains the right to access the accommodation unit if necessary.

The right of occupation is temporary and revocable. It shall be automatically revoked by the AEU Director in case of loss of the status of student or non-payment of the rent.

It may be revoked by decision of the AEU Director if the student does not effectively occupy the accommodation unit. It may also be revoked as disciplinary sanction in accordance with the terms set out in Article 8 of these Rules.

Occupants whose right to occupy the accommodation unit expires, for any reason, must leave the premises without delay.

Students admitted to the university residence are responsible for their accommodation unit and the furniture and equipment it contains.

An inventory shall be drawn up upon arrival in and departure from the accommodation unit.

The student will be liable for any damage, loss or theft of furniture or equipment, which will be billed by the AEU.


  1.     Financial Terms

The rent is due monthly for the duration of the stay. The rent is payable on the first of the month, for the entire month.

The resident is authorised to leave the accommodation unit with notice of one month, with the postmark or the date of submission to the office of the residence evidencing this.

When the notice expires during a month, the rent will be billed in proportion to the number of days the premises are occupied.

Any student who, after expiry of one month, has not paid the rent for the month in question, may, after formal notice to pay, have the benefit of their admission withdrawn.

The student accommodated in an AEU university residence may benefit from Housing Allowance (APL or ALS) from the Lille family allowance fund.

On departure of the student, the administration will return the guarantee deposit paid before entering the accommodation unit, reduced by any sums they still owe to the AEU

If the accommodation unit is not completely cleared upon departure of the tenant, and within 15 days after a written reminder from the accommodation department, the remaining effects will be destroyed or recycled, and the cost billed to the outgoing student.


  1.     Terms of Occupation of the Premises

For safety reasons, any drilling of the walls, floors or ceilings, any multiple unfair connections, use of ovens, hobs and additional radiator, or any electrical device that has particularly high energy consumption, and the storage of dangerous or inflammable products, are prohibited.

The use of a kettle, microwave or coffee maker is permitted.

It is prohibited to cook in accommodation units not equipped with a kitchenette and/or to do washing up in the sinks. A shared kitchen is provided in each residence unless all accommodation units of the residence benefit from a kitchenette.

It is strictly prohibited to use any gas-powered devices in the building. The safety instructions must be respected.

For safety reasons, the use of candles is strictly prohibited.

The student may not access or walk on the roofs under any pretext. The terraces must be kept clear at all times. Nothing may ever be hung, moved or fitted anywhere. It is particularly prohibited to light any fire by any means.

Apart from in the case of fire, it is strictly prohibited to use fire extinguishers or activate fire alarms. Non-compliance with this stipulation will entail payment of damages by the offender(s), without prejudice to any other sanction.

It is prohibited to hang laundry, flower pots, or any other object on the window frames.

Animals are prohibited.

The student must respect hygiene rules by regularly and fully cleaning the accommodation unit.

Waste must be deposited by the student in the bins or containers provided for this purpose.

Every student is bound to hold insurance for the rental risks. It is strongly recommended not to keep money, jewellery or valuables in the residence.

The AEU cannot be held liable in case of loss or theft.

The resident must allow free access to the accommodation unit to staff duly authorised by the AEU Director, whenever safety of persons and maintenance of the premises so require.

Health and safety inspections are organised during the year by staff duly authorised by the AEU Director.

Residents will be informed 48 hours before the inspection by post or email, or by any other means.


  1.     Services

The services include:

-        Reception and/or presence of a caretaker,

-        Provision of breakfast (breakfast provided Monday to Friday from 7am to 9am)

-        Internet access in each accommodation unit (charged)

-        Access to the laundry room (washing machine, drier, iron and ironing board available),

-        Maintenance of the shared areas (corridors, shared bathrooms and common rooms are cleaned regularly by a team of housekeepers)

-        Technical assistance (maintenance of shared equipment, option of minor repairs in accommodation units on request, on-call service outside of office opening hours for urgent problems)


  1.     Arrivals – Departures – Absences

Every visitor must have left the residence by 11pm.

Every visitor must respect the rules defined for access to the establishment to ensure the tranquillity of the occupants.

Residents are responsible for the behaviour of their guests.

The resident may not make the accommodation unit available to third parties under any circumstances and for any reason. Accommodation is prohibited save where the tenant has issued an application to host a guest in their room to the AEU accommodation department (fixed billing of €5 per night for provision of a bed with linen). Any resident accommodating an occupant without permission will be held liable and subject to a disciplinary sanction up to and including exclusion.


Residents are responsible for their key and card (or badge). In case of loss or non-return, the corresponding costs will be payable by the resident. Keys and cards (or badges) may not under any circumstances be lent or copied.


  1.     Community Living

Any resident spotting the presence of pests is bound to immediately inform the office of the accommodation department.

Any resident suffering from a contagious disease must inform the health department or the accommodation department manager.

Any poster displayed in the residence must bear the stamp of the establishment or permission of the AEU management.

Residents must avoid any activity and any noise that could obstruct the work or rest of other residents, at any time of the day and night.

No recreational evening may be organised in the communal premises.

Bringing alcohol or illegal substances into the residence will entail immediate eviction from the residence.

Any infringement of respect for others, their tranquillity or their property, and failure to respect hygiene in community living, will be sanctioned in accordance with the provisions of Article 8

The management reserves the right, after warning, to terminate the stay of any student who, through his behaviour, bad attitude or disregard for the rules, damages the reputation of the residence.


  1.     Sanctions and Disciplinary Procedures

Any failure to respect these Rules may entail application of the disciplinary measures hereunder.

A warning may be given generally for any failure to respect these Rules of Procedure. It will be given by the manager of the accommodation department after inviting the student in question to a meeting.

A student not attending this meeting will be given a warning in absentia.

A resident having received a warning during the year may not claim renewal of agreement for an additional year in the residence.

On the second warning, the student will be excluded.

A copy of these Rules shall be given to the resident upon entering the premises. Before admission, the student undertakes to respect all provisions of these Rules of Procedure by signing the rental agreement.