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How to book a room in our residence ?

This is process to explain how to book a room in our residence


Questions about process

- What is the application fee for ?

The application fee means that your application for accommodation is confirmed, and is linked to the administrative processes involved in dealing with your application :

  • Dealing with your application

  • Accommodation inventory

  • Contract
  • The welcome process at the beginning of the year

This fee is not deductible from the first rent.

Please be aware that, paying the application fee does not guarantee you a place in University residence. If we are unable to provide a room for you, we will reimburse your fee in full.

If you cancel your application before 15 days preceding the start of the contract, we will reimburse your fee whatever the reason for your cancellation.


- I would like to study at a school or faculty at the Catholic University of Lille. However, I do not yet know if I have got the grades to study here, or if I have been accepted into the university. Should I apply for accommodation anyway ?

We would advise you to apply in any case. Thanks to our flexible fee system, you have until 15 days preceding the start of the contract to cancel your application and we will reimburse you in full.

Criteria for allocating accommodation

-What are the criteria that I need to meet in order to receive an offer of University accommodation ?

Priority is given to first-year students at the Catholic University of Lille for places in university accommodation.

Applications are then processed according to certain criteria :

  • Age

  • Date of the application

  • How far away from home you will be

Allocation of accommodation

The accommodation allocation board will take into account your preferences as much as possible according to availability.

If your choice 1 is no more available, we'll propose your other choices regarding availability.

- Is it possible to stay close from a person i know in the residence ?

Regarding the availability, you can stay close (neighboor, same floor…) from a person you know. You have to notice us by email when you apply for the room.

Rental contracts

- What is the contract duration ?

Our contracts run for a year with possibility of renewed at the end of the year. For contracts running for the academic year, contracts start on 1st August and end on 31st July.


- I would like to terminate my contract. What should I do ?

To terminate your rental contract, you are required to send us a notice of departure at least one month before your departure. The notice will be effective from the date of receipt of the mail (Letter, email or hand delivery to the All Housing office). It will be necessary to specify on the notice: the name, the first name, the residence and the room number as well as the departure date.


- What fees should i pay (except my monthly rent) ?

Corresponding to :

    • The housing deposit, you'll have your deposit back when you will leave the residence if there is no problem in your room (month of rent),
    • The All service card,
    • The water and electricity fees - Except Saint Omer, Saint Luc, Denis Reille and Saint Claude residences,
    • The annual water fees for one year - Only for Saint Omer, Denis Reille and Saint Claude* residences,
    • The annual contribution - Include Association fees, animation and life in the residence fees.
    • The annual services - Include reception, provision of breakfast, laundry, maintenance of common areas, technical assistance, maintenance of common equipment. If you don't stay one year, we'll refund a part of those fees back.It is less for Saint Augustin and Saint Claude residences.

*For Saint Omer, Saint Luc, Denis Reille and Saint Claude residences, you'll have to contact the French Company of Electricity (EDF) to open an account.

For Saint Luc residence, you'll have to pay your water, heater fees regarding your consumption.

Contract duration

  • 1st semester : one semester from august
  • 2nd semestre : one semester from january
  • Academic year : arrival in august for one year (12 month)

If you wish to terminate your contract during the year, you must provide a month’s notice.

Reservations may be made during the year subject to availability. Feel free to contact All Housing by email logement@all-lacatho.fr.

Life in University accommodation

University accommodation is so much more than just a place to rest your head at night. It is a place to work, play and live. In the second year, residents can return for another year as a residential mentor and help new students with the transition to university life.

Our objective is to allow every student to live in the right surroundings in order to help them succeed in their studies.

  • To pay the rent, charges and sundry costs under the agreed terms; 
  • To use the premises leased with respect for their purpose (cf. Rules of Procedure); 
  • To cover financially any damage and loss occurring in the premises of which it has the use, and those it may cause to the shared areas and their equipment; 
  • To hold the status of student upon signing the rental agreement and for the current university year. In case of loss of student status during the term of this rental agreement, it may not be renewed tacitly upon expiry; 
  • To take on the routine maintenance of the accommodation unit and the equipment; 
  • Not to make any transformation without the written permission of the lessor, under penalty of renovation of the premises at its cost, or early termination of the agreement; 
  • To not sublet, assign or lend the premises, even temporarily, in whole or in part; 
  • To inform the lessor immediately of any damage, deterioration or loss occurring in the premises leased; 
  • To respect the Rules of Procedure of the residence; 
  • To waive any recourse against the lessor in case of theft committed in the premises leased, or interruption of the water, electricity or heating service; 
  • To give the lessor all keys to the premises leased upon departure, and to notify its new address. 

Other questions

- Is it possible to visit the university accommodations ?

You may only visit the university residences during one of the open days organised by the university.


- Are there double rooms available ?

No, all our rooms are single rooms. No flatsharing in All Residences


- Is your accommodation mixed ?

Yes, all our accommodation is mixed.


- Can residents access their accommodation at all times ?

Yes, residents can enter and leave as they please.


Are your rooms furnished ?

All our rooms are furnished. They include a bed, desk, chair, refrigerator, corner sink and wardrobe as standard. We do not provide personal linens (bath towels, bed linens ...)


- Is there any residence only for medicine student ?

There is no residence only for medicine student but we do our best to gather them together on the same floor.


- How can in contact you ?

You can send us an email logement@all-lacatho.fr

Housing aid (CAF)

You may be able to get help with your accommodation. The request must be made on behalf of the student.

There are 2 types of residences:

- Accredited: Saint Luc and Saint Omer (except 6th floor). When requesting, you must click on "tenant", a rental certificate completed by the lessor will be requested. You will have to send us the request by email. Housing assistance will be paid directly to us.
- Non-accredited (all the others): these are coded as “NON CROUS university residence”
You will find the CAF tutorials to make your declaration well below.
Please note, in the event of a wrong declaration, CAF will request reimbursement of the overpayment.

PROCEDURE for non-accredited residences

Do not hesitate to go to the website of the Caisse d’allocation familiale du Nord (CAF)

For any request or complaint relating to the payment of this assistance, please contact CAF directly, we do not intervene at any time in the payment of housing aid.

Any questions ? Contact :